Balloon modelling

Magic Ian is an accomplished Balloon modeller and has been a regular on the Royal Mile during the Edinburgh Fringe for many years. Balloons can be utilised to brighten up almost any occasion, from fetes, store openings and large events to small private parties and dinners. The performer can wander between groups of people, hop from table to table, or set up a stand at which the models can be produced, allowing flexibility to match your particular function.

Because the guests are allowed to choose their own designs from an extensive list of animals, hats and objects, their models will seem all the more personal and will serve as a perfect reminder of your event even after they have returned home. Magic Ian also provides balloon workshops which he has provided to several libraries.

Balloon artistry is fun for all ages and injects extra colour, fun and novelty into your occasion. It can be used alone or in conjunction with any form of magic, as the two complement each other extremely well. Book a balloon modeller for your event, and ensure that your guests are treated to the best models, and the best memories.