Party Tips

Party planning is important to ensure success. This page contains a few useful hints and tips I have learnt while performing and organising children's parties.

  • The food
    Keep your food quick and simple so the children can get back to enjoying the party as soon as they can.

  • Who's who?
    Supply name badges/stickers for the children as they arrive. It helps you and the entertainer if you can call them by their first name.

  • How long?
    Two hours is ideal for a really successful party.

  • Assistance
    There must be an adult in the room at all times to assist any child who may need the bathroom etc.

  • Sweets & drinks
    Avoid serving sweets or drink during the magic show. This can distract the children and spills will occur.

  • Where's the party

  • Tie a bunch of balloons to the front door; it guides guests to the party and sets the mood.

  • Balloons & Squeakers
    Save squeakers, blowers and balloons till the end - or they could ruin the party! Hang the balloons up, out of reach, and give one to each child as a going home present.

  • Age ranges
    Try to restrict the party to those children who are within a year or two of the birthday child's age.

  • How many?
    Do not invite more children to your party than your house can cope with. 15 to 20 is a good number for a house party, and 20 to 30 is a good number for a hall.

  • The entertainment
    If you are going to hire a children's entertainer, check that they are a member of a recognised society, such as the Magic Circle. These societies have a strict entrance examination which should ensure you will be getting a competent performer.

  • Parents
    From experience, Magic Ian has found that shows can often be spoilt by parents and friends talking in the background. The children struggle to hear him, and he can't hear the children. It's best to ask parents not to stay, or go to a different room to chat.